Probate Litigation Attorneys

Connecticut Probate Courts handle a wide range of legal issues involving decedents’ estates, guardianships, adoptions, and other important matters facing individuals and their families. At McConnell Family Law Group, we represent clients throughout Connecticut with their probate matters, including the following:

Estate Administration

“Probate” is the court-supervised process of closing out a loved one’s estate after his or her death. This is usually done by gathering assets and distributing them to creditors and beneficiaries according to a Will or by Connecticut state law. The attorneys at the McConnell Family Law Group realize how overwhelming and stressful this can be, and are here to help you and your family through the probate process.

While you are grieving and coping with your loss, McConnell Family Law Group will handle all of the necessary paperwork to administer your loved one's Will, or if he or she died without a Will, we can advise and assist you based on Connecticut intestate laws.

Whether you are the Executor of a Will, the Administrator of an estate, a beneficiary, or involved in any other way, we can help you protect your rights, understand your legal responsibilities, and successfully navigate you through the probate process.

Probate Litigation

Although estate plans are designed to avoid litigation, disputes often arise, especially when the validity of an estate document is in question or its language is unclear. Probate litigation can pit family members against one another and result in costly, drawn-out court battles. Because the stakes are often high, it is important that you not go through this process without an experienced attorney representing you.

Our attorneys at the McConnell Family Law Group not only have considerable experience in probate matters but are also knowledgeable and experienced litigators, who can provide the expertise you need to prevail in your dispute. Our probate attorneys can assist you in all types of probate litigation matters, including:

Will contests, undue influence, beneficiary disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, power of attorney abuse, guardianship and conservatorship disputes.


A guardianship gives you legal rights and responsibilities in taking care of a minor child or disabled adult. Whether you are a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, another relative, or a non-relative who wants to obtain guardianship of someone you care about, the McConnell Family Law Group can help you do so in a cost-efficient and timely manner. With our experience and knowledge in this area, we can guide you through the process so that you can successfully meet the Probate Court’s requirements to become a guardian.



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