What is a Flat Fee Divorce and Does it Make Sense for You?

While most divorce cases cannot be estimated with any reasonable certainty because of the different issues involved, and therefore most, are billed on an hourly basis. There are, however, certain uncontested divorce cases where a flat fee is available and makes sense for the client.


What is a Flat Fee and When is it Available?

  • The McConnell Family Law Group offers a flat fee for divorce cases where the parties have an agreement on the important issues but would like representation to better navigate through the process and make sure their interests are properly memorialized and protected.

    If your case meets the requirements, we will represent you from the start to the conclusion of your divorce action for a one-time flat fee. Our flat-fee representation includes the preparation and filing of all necessary documents; mandatory discovery and assistance with your financial affidavit, if needed; the drafting of your Separation Agreement; and an appearance in court with you for your final uncontested divorce hearing.

  • What are the Benefits of a Flat Fee Divorce?

    Sometimes when a divorce is uncontested, parties are tempted to represent themselves rather than hiring an attorney. However, our flat fee representation has been a good alternative for those clients because it offers the following advantages:

    • The client knows the exact fee at the beginning of the case.
    • The clients do not have to concern themselves with preparing the required documents or meeting procedural deadlines. The case moves quickly and efficiently.
    • We assist you in preparing a comprehensive Settlement Agreement, protecting your interests and decreasing the likelihood that you will have to return to court in the future.
  • Why Hire an Attorney for an Otherwise "Simple Divorce"?

    Our Flat Fee divorce is an excellent low-cost alternative for parties that can agree on all issues prior to filing.  Since the 90-day waiting period can be waived in Connecticut there is no added delay from waiting to file.  The parties must be able to agree upon:

    1. Division of real property
    2. Division of personal property
    3. Division of retirement accounts
    4. Division any other assets
    5. Division of debts
    6. Who pays health insurance
    7. Who pays life insurance
    8. Custody
    9. Child support
    10. Alimony
    11. Attorneys Fees
  • How Much Do We Charge for a Flat Fee Divorce?

    All potential cases begin with an Initial Consultation.  The Initial Consultation is billed at a discounted rate of $250 for up to one hour of consultation time with an attorney.  In our experience, we have found that the Initial Consultation is one of the most informative sessions a client will have during the attorney/client relationship and divorce process.  The Initial Consultation fee is in addition to the flat fee.  The Initial Consultation is critical for our firm’s attorney to determine whether we will accept the case as a flat fee and to quote the appropriate price depending on the scope of work that is required.  At the conclusion of the Initial Consultation, our attorney will tell you whether we can accept your matter as a flat fee and what that price will be.  Our flat fee pricing ranges from as low as $2,500 to as high as $5,000.  The price depends on several factors including, but not limited to whether: there are minor children, a marital home, complex marital assets and/or debts, etc . . .  Please note, the fee also includes the mandatory court filing fee of $350.

[1] Most family law cases resolve without a trial; however, in the context of the “flat fee” option we are referring to “uncontested cases” where both parties want to dissolve their marriage, agree on most issues, believe the case can be resolved on their own, but would still like an attorney to help navigate the system.

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