What is a Flat Fee Divorce and Does it Make Sense for You?


While most divorce cases cannot be estimated with any reasonable certainty because of the different issues involved, and therefore most, are billed on an hourly basis. There are, however, certain uncontested divorce cases where a flat fee is available and makes sense for the client.


Most divorce cases cannot be estimated with any reasonable certainty because of the different issues involved, and therefore most are billed on an hourly basis. There are, however, certain uncontested divorce cases where a flat fee is available and makes sense for the client.

The McConnell Family Law Group offers a flat fee for divorce cases where the parties agree on all issues but would like representation to better navigate through the process and ensure their interests are properly memorialized and protected. Flat fee divorce is only available to couples with no minor children.

If your case meets the requirements, we will represent you and your spouse from the start to the conclusion of your divorce action for a one-time, flat fee. Our flat fee representation includes preparing and filing all necessary documents; limited discovery; assistance with your financial affidavit if needed; and drafting your Settlement Agreement.

Sometimes when a divorce is uncontested, parties are tempted to represent themselves rather than hire an attorney. However, our flat fee representation has been a good alternative for those clients because it offers the following advantages:

  • The client knows the exact fee at the beginning of the case.
  • The clients do not have to concern themselves with preparing the required documents or meeting procedural deadlines. The case moves quickly and efficiently.
  • We assist you in preparing a comprehensive Settlement Agreement, protecting your interests, and decreasing the likelihood that you will have to return to court in the future.

Our Flat Fee divorce is an excellent low-cost alternative for parties that can agree on all issues before filing.  Since the 90-day waiting period can be waived in Connecticut, there is no added delay from waiting to file.  The parties[1] must be able to agree upon the following:

  1. Division of real property (marital home and/or investment properties)
  2. Division of personal property
  3. Division of retirement accounts
  4. Division of any other assets
  5. Division of any other debts
  6. Either no alimony or an agreed-upon amount of alimony
  7. Attorneys’ Fees (who is paying)?

All potential cases begin with an Initial Consultation.  The Initial Consultation is billed at a discounted rate of $225 for up to one hour of consultation time with an attorney.  The Initial Consultation fee is in addition to the flat fee.  The Initial Consultation is critical for our firm’s attorney to determine whether we will accept the case as a flat fee and to quote the appropriate price depending on the scope of work that is required.  After the Initial Consultation, our attorney will tell you whether we can accept your matter as a flat fee and what that price will be.  Our flat fee pricing ranges from as low as $4,000 to as high as $6,000 (total cost for both parties).  The price depends on several factors, including, but not limited to, whether: there is a marital home, retirement assets to be divided, or other factors requiring more time for our attorney or paralegal to invest.  Please note the fee includes the mandatory court filing fee of $360.

Infrequently, a couple comes to the mediation consultation believing they will qualify for the flat fee based upon the answers provided during the Intake process; however, this is not determinative as the final decision is up to the attorney/mediator that meets with the clients. If factors arise wherein the attorney is not comfortable with handling the case on a flat fee basis, then the couple may have the option to proceed with a mediated divorce, which is a slightly different process but also provides substantial cost savings as compared to litigated divorces.

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Client Testimonials

Martina Cravedi
Martina Cravedi
February 11, 2023
Words cannot express how thankful I am for Paul and his amazing team. The office staff were kind and professional and Paul responded to my inquiry almost immediately. He patiently walked me through a lot of information and quickly set a plan in place that was not only something I was comfortable with, but it also made sense for my situation. I am grateful for his knowledge and warmth during this difficult transition. I would highly recommend Paul and his firm! Thank you for everything!
Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders
February 9, 2023
I received a reference for Attorney Paul McConnell after dealing with a long drawn out custody case. Paul reached out to me in a timely manner and spoke to me about new strategies to explore, not only was he very knowledgeable but kind and compassionate at the same time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for representation. As a veteran myself I have high regards for Paul for holding himself to such high standards of professionalism.
Brandy Spears
Brandy Spears
January 18, 2023
I contacted the McConnell firm for a family law matter. My phone call was handled professionally by the office and the attorney. This firm is very knowledgeable and helpful and I highly recommend them for all of your needs.
kristin lynch
kristin lynch
October 14, 2022
Excellent advice. I would recommend McConnell Family Law to anyone.
Duncan Ferguson
Duncan Ferguson
September 9, 2022
Terrific all around, very responsive and listened to my needs. Helped guide me thru this challenging time.
Mark Chesanek
Mark Chesanek
March 8, 2022
Excellent service, clearly addressed my concern and resolved the issue in a cost effective and timely manner. Highly recommend MFLG.
Eric Hedglin
Eric Hedglin
October 1, 2021
The McConnell Family Law Team (Paul, Donna, & Kathy) is one of the most professional, respected, and effective family law firms in the Hartford Area. I regret not hiring them from the onset of my custody my case. If you are looking for the real-deal, these are the people you want in your corner.
January 20, 2021
Paul is an exceptional, calm and thoughtful attorney. Highly recommended.