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myths about prenuptial agreements

6 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Prenuptial Agreements

By McConnell Family Law | April 23, 2017

The venue is booked, the flowers are ordered, and both you and your fiancé are counting down the days until you both say “I do.” At this point, some couples […] Continue Reading


Essential Knowledge for a Connecticut Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | April 10, 2017

Connecticut couples who are seeking divorce can often be overwhelmed at the nuances of divorce law in the state. The following list of 7 key facts relating to Connecticut divorce […] Continue Reading

5 Key Differences Between Collaborative and Litigated Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | February 21, 2017

Even the most amicable divorces have potentially contentious issues, such as child custody and division of marital assets and debts. Collaborative law is an alternative dispute resolution process that allows […] Continue Reading

what's in the best interest of the child in custody cases

What Connecticut Courts Consider When Ruling on Child Custody

By McConnell Family Law | February 2, 2017

Child custody is a central issue in family courts throughout the United States, and Connecticut is no different. Under ideal circumstances, a divorcing couple will negotiate their own agreement regarding […] Continue Reading

Moving Away With Your Children After Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | January 4, 2017

After a divorce, it is not uncommon for parents to consider relocating.  An estimated 25% of parents move away with their children within the first two years after divorce.  These […] Continue Reading

Checklist For Couples With Children: Important Issues To Consider When Creating A Parenting Plan

By McConnell Family Law | November 26, 2016

When couples with children divorce or separate, they need to create an arrangement for the care of their children that best meets their needs. In child custody, that arrangement is […] Continue Reading

Modifying Alimony in Connecticut

Protecting Your Interests Through Premarital Agreements

By McConnell Family Law | October 20, 2016

For many engaged couples, the thought of signing a premarital agreement may seem unromantic and even unnecessary. However, these pre-marriage contracts, which protect a couple in case of divorce or […] Continue Reading

Equitable Distribution: A Brief Look at the Division of Property in a Connecticut Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | September 28, 2016

The division of marital property is one of the greatest challenges divorcing couples must face.   Figuring out which property you get to keep and what will go to your spouse […] Continue Reading

A Few Things to Consider Before You Move Out of The Marital Home

By McConnell Family Law | September 1, 2016

A divorce is often a highly stressful event, and continuing to live in the same home with your spouse may seem unbearable. During this turbulent time, it is common for […] Continue Reading



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