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Learning how to deal with an uncooperative spouse

Keeping Your Uncooperative Spouse Calm

By McConnell Family Law | February 15, 2018

During emotional situations such as divorce, your partner may become so angry, irrational, and unreasonable that it takes a monumental effort to not get equally worked up. To keep them […] Continue Reading

Life After Divorce

5 Ways You Can Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | January 26, 2018

The Year of Rebuilding: 5 Ways You Can Rebuild Your Life After Divorce A new year is your chance to start over. You have a clean slate, so why not […] Continue Reading

Affordable / Low Cost Divorce

Money Matters: 4 Ways You Can Financially Prepare for a Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | January 4, 2018

It is no secret that a divorce can affect every aspect of your life, including your finances. In fact, unsurprisingly, money is one of the most heavily contested issues in […] Continue Reading

what happens to pets in a divorce?

Family Pets in a Divorce Action

By McConnell Family Law | December 24, 2017

If you’re going through a divorce or contemplating filing for divorce, one of the questions you may have is, “what will happen to my pets?” Pets are part of the […] Continue Reading

prenuptial agreement limitations

4 Things a Prenuptial Agreement Cannot Contain

By McConnell Family Law | December 2, 2017

Connecticut, like every other state, allows couples to create a prenuptial agreement before they get married. These agreements set out what will happen if the couple decides to divorce. It […] Continue Reading

4 Benefits of Choosing Mediation for Your Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | October 22, 2017

Connecticut Mediation & Family Law Attorneys EXTRAORDINARY TEAM OF PASSIONATE & COMPASSIONATE ATTORNEYS. 4 Benefits of Choosing Mediation for Your Divorce Divorce is often an emotionally charged event for everyone […] Continue Reading

top 10 family law firm. Emotional child support

5 Ways You Can Support Your Child After Your Divorce

By McConnell Family Law | September 24, 2017

After going through a divorce, you may feel like your whole life has been turned upside down. While there is no doubt that this can be difficult, it is often […] Continue Reading

what's in the best interest of the child in custody cases

Child Custody: Best Interests of the Child

By McConnell Family Law | August 22, 2017

What Exactly Are the “Best Interests” of the Child in Connecticut? When Connecticut courts are hearing divorce and/or child custody cases, they base many of their decisions on a concept […] Continue Reading

child custody filing in Connecticut

Child Custody Jurisdiction & Connecticut

By McConnell Family Law | August 13, 2017

If you are seeking custody of your child, it is important to file your claim with the correct court.  A court may only hear your case if it has proper […] Continue Reading



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