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Coronavirus: Impact on the Family Law Courts

The impact of COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on all of us. The way we are conducting business, as well as our daily lives, have changed significantly. As we learn to navigate the new normal, we understand that our clients still need us. From Zoom conferencing to more phone calls, we promise to be completely accessible when you need us. We have created our COVID-19 resource page to provide relevant articles, provide Connecticut court updates, as well as answer questions we are receiving. As always, we are only a phone call away. We are all in this together.

Will divorce rates rise after coronavirus?

They probably will.  China saw a significant rise in divorce filings after the first wave of coronavirus impacted their country.  Living together in close quarters with few outlets amid additional safety and financial concerns can exacerbate problems, so many regions that are affected by the coronavirus will likely experience higher divorce rates, but in reality – nobody knows for sure.


Can I proceed with a divorce while there is a stay-at-home order is in effect?

Yes.  While many courts have closed completely and others partially because of the pandemic you can still take many of the preliminary steps toward getting a divorce, such as meeting with your lawyer (via Zoom/teleconference or telephone) and start the process.  Indeed, in many cases, if no in-court litigation is required the matter can be completed and proceed to dissolution.  Courts in Connecticut will accept agreements in writing and only about 10 % of cases require in-court litigation.

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Not So Post-COVID Update: Connecticut Family Courts

By McConnell Family Law | March 18, 2021
In looking at the glass half-full, the Connecticut Family Courts are moving forward in handling cases beyond emergency Motions and Restraining Orders only.  In-person court proceedings continue to be limited to these emergency hearings, but the Courts are now virtually hearing and resolving contested motions, trials, and every type of...
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COVID Update: Connecticut Family Courts are Beginning to Virtually Conduct Hearings on Contested Matters

By McConnell Family Law | August 3, 2020
The Connecticut Family Courts are beginning to virtually hear contested matters which is, hopefully, a major step forward in clearing the backlog of cases in an already overburdened system and lifting the weight of prolonged delay for parties who need relief. We are particularly proud to announce that McConnell Family...
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Updated Guidance on Divorce and Custody During and After Covid-19

By McConnell Family Law | May 4, 2020
This is an extremely trying time for everyone dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.  Families spending so much time together at home, coupled with potential changes in income, employment, childcare schedules, health, and other unforeseen circumstances, can take a significant toll on a marriage. For those contemplating a divorce, or in...
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Coronavirus Implications on Divorce and Custody

Coronavirus Implications on Divorce and Custody

By McConnell Family Law | March 19, 2020
As you may already know, the Connecticut Courts are closed to routine matters until further notice. Some courts will hear priority 1 matters. The courts that are hearing priority 1 matters have been reduced to ten statewide.  All other normal court matters remain suspended for the duration of this declared...
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