5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Divorce

by McConnell Family Law

list of good questions to ask before getting a divorce

You’ve heard that more than 50 percent of modern marriages end in divorce proceedings, but you may be surprised to find yourself becoming part of that statistic. Before you make a final decision, step back and ask yourself these five pertinent questions.

1. Are You Done with Emotionally Unfinished Business?

Making the decision to divorce should be a rational decision made when your conscience is clear. You should be at peace with your choice and not overly emotional. If you’re dealing with hurt, frustration, or anger, you need to take some time away to examine the relationship and get on steady footing before jumping into legal ramifications. Once you can walk away with no resentment or hatred for your partner, you’ll know your head is clear enough to make that choice.

2. Have You Done Everything You Can Think of to Save Your Marriage?

understanding protective ordersBefore filing for divorce, you should exhaust all other avenues for the rehabilitation of your marriage. For some couples, it means self-help books or a marriage counselor. Others seek out a clergy member. Stop simply blaming the other person and take a look at your own role in the downfall of your relationship. Think about what your marriage used to be like and whether a current fight is worth ending what started out as a great thing. Most of all, think about what you want for your future. If you’re still sure you want to go through with it, McConnell Family Law Group can help you find peace of mind through strength.

3. Have You Done Your Legal Research, Planning, and Preparation?

Divorce can get messy. It involves child and spousal support, custody and money issues, as well as other legal aspects depending on your situation, so you need to research and prepare in order to protect and empower yourself. Contacting an attorney can make the process considerably easier, but you should also know about things like bank accounts and marital assets you may be entitled to before you go in.

4. Are You Ready to Adjust to a New Relationship as Co-Parents?

Your marriage may be ending, but if you have kids together, your relationship continues. You will need to build a strong foundational relationship as co-allies and co-parents to your children. To do this, you can’t let resentment build up and poison the process. You’ll need to set aside hurt emotions and put the needs and interests of your children above your own.

5. Are You Willing to Let Your Kids Be Kids?

Children should never be involved in the adult issues of divorce. Don’t make them help you survive and cope with the turmoil. Your emotions are your own. You should be able to keep them to yourself and let your kids be as young and free as they should be.

If you can honestly answer yes to all of the above questions, then you’re ready to make a final decision. When you’re ready to start the process, call the McConnell Family Law Group to guide you through the legal intricacies. We help our clients find Peace Through Strength!

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